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Frequently Asked Questions About the Akita Moped
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How much does the Akita moped cost?

To receive our Wire Special Sales Price, you must Click Here

How does Moped World® ship the Akita moped to me?

The Akita moped is crated up, and shipped to your home!

How long does it take to ship the Akita moped to my door?

If you live in the USA (48 States), it will generally take only 1 to 4 days!!!

I live in Hawaii or Alaska...how long does it take to get a Akita moped to me?

Depending upon what Island you're on, Hawaii residents must wait 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

I know the Akita moped has electric start, but does it also have a kick-starter?

Yes, the Akita moped also comes with a kick-starter which can be used to start the bike- even with a dead battery!

I know that Moped World® ships the Akita moped to my house 99% pre-assembled...What do I have to do to completely assemble it after I get it? Also, does Moped World® give me instructions?

Yes, Moped World® provides each customer with a list of detailed instructions (written by our company) with the moped when it arrives.

Does the Akita moped come from the factory with assembly instructions?

No, our company provides those instructions

Do I have to be "Mechanically Inclined" to set the Akita up myself?

Yes, if you feel that you are not "mechanical," just ask a friend who is to help.

What colors can I choose from?

Click HERE to see which colors we currently have in stock.

I am kind of big, how much weight can the Akita hold?

The Akita moped has a rated seating capacity of 250 lbs!

How fast can the Akita go?

Depending upon your elevation, the Akita usually goes between 35-38mph. However you can go faster with the High Performance Computer Chip (Item# 50008)

Does Moped World® have a High Performance Kit for the Akita moped like it does for the Predator, Revolution, Tomos, and PUCH Maxi?

For an additional $130, one can add the High Performance Computer Chip (Item# 50008) to their Akita, which will allow you to reach speeds in excess of 45+ MPH!!!- However we recommend that riders travel at speeds under 45 MPH.

My state has weird laws regarding mopeds, is the Akita a "moped?"

All states have different laws regarding mopeds/scooters. Call your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Highway Department regarding any "moped" legalities

My State's Department of Motor Vehicles needs to know some specifications of the Akita before they can answer my question above, what are some?

The Akita moped's DOT records state that it is equipped with a 49cc 2-stroke motor that produces 1.5 brake horsepower and is not capable of more than 30mph. It is also equipped with an automatic transmission, turn-signals, headlight (low/high with no off switch), brakelight, tail light, and both front and back brakes.

I have an RV, is the Akita too heavy to lift?

The Akita is not very heavy compared to most adult-sized scooters, however we still recommend that you buy the Tilt-n-Load moped carrier (Item# 50005). It makes the job of loading and unloading a snap.

If I am out traveling the country in my RV...and need parts for my Akita, what do I do?

Call Moped World®'s Toll FREE number and order the parts with your credit card right over the phone! Click Hereto order a Akita moped right now!

Again, If I am out traveling in my RV, do most Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki dealers carry tires, tubes, batteries, spark plugs, fuses, relays, light bulbs, and lubricants for my Akita?


I heard that the Akita's motor was designed by Yamaha, is that so?

Yes, it was designed...but not made by Yamaha.

Does the Akita come with a set of keys?


I had an old moped that I had to "pre-mix" the oil and the gas together in a gas can before I could pour it into the gas tank- Do I have to hassle with that again with the Akita?

No, you pour the oil into a separate oil tank and the Akita does the rest! It's a "No-Brainer!"

Is the Akita easy to ride and operate?

Yes, it is a very user-friendly moped.

Why is the line busy a lot at Moped World®?

Parts Orders!!! About 80% of our calls are people needing parts. We offer parts for what we sell! Please be patient or simply leave us a message.

Why should I buy a moped from Moped World®?

Just look at this really informative website! Who else has informed you this much about this product? At Moped World®, we ride what we sell- that means that we can help you with any problem that you may have. Give us a call, and we'll show you what true Southern Hospitality is all about!

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