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The Akita Moped comes fully loaded with all of the options
of the  Predator LC-GP1 moped, however it boasts a
smaller 10inch wheel base and offers "traditional scooter styling."
We have the following colors currently available in stock:
Metallic Midnight Blue, Metallic Mist Silver,
Metallic Burgundy/Cherry, Jet Black, and Canary Yellow.
For an additional $130, one can add the High Performance Chip
to their Akita, thus allowing the rider to reach speeds in excess
of 45+ MPH!!!- However we recommend that riders travel
at speeds under 45 MPH.
We ship the Akita fully assembled and crated.
(some prep work required)

During the month of  , we are running an insane monthly
special on all our Akita Mopeds !

This special is called the Wire-Tranfer Special. Here is how
it works:  You pay for the unit via wire transfer, and we ship
your moped to any address that you would like.  It's quick
and simple. This method of payment ensures that you get
your moped in the fastest time possible- at the lowest price

Here is the Price Breakdown:
Prices include S&H to your home!

$1400/moped if you live in one of these states

$1600/moped if you live in one of these states

$1900/moped if you live in one of these states

$2100/moped if you live in one of these territories or provinces

in order to bring you these super low prices,
to accept checks or credit cards- wire tranfers

Remember, customers who order their Akita moped during the
month of  will receive all of the following Monthly Specials:

(1) A Super Low Price! Also, we will ship this moped straight
to your front door!

(2) A FREE set of assembly instructions. As usual, Moped World®
will provide you with fully detailed set-up instructions written by
our company.

(3) A FREE one year membership to our referral program. We will
send you $50 every time you refer a purchasing "moped"
customer to Moped World®. Please remember to tell the person
that you referred, to give us your name upon purchasing-
so that we may pay you!

Order one Today!
 Hurry! Sale ends last day of !

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