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Yes! We have those hard to find parts that you have been looking for for your
QINGQI moped or scooter! We also have parts for Tai Shan and Geely
mopeds & scooters. Simply
Call Us or fill out the form below... We have
Pistons! Cylinders! CDI Boxes! Coils! Stators! Rubber Inlet Tubes!...and More!

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the other is white. It has the name BOSCH
and the number 5HT78 written on it."

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MOPED WORLD® Has Parts for Qingqi Mopeds + Scooters! We have Pistons! Cylinders! CDI Boxes! Coils! Stators! Ignitions! Brakes! Belts! Rubber Inlet Tubes!...and More! 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