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We are selling the  Viza Venom mini-scooter this month for
only $750 with *FREE SHIPPING!!! We're also going to
throw the optional seat in for FREE!  Likewise, if you order
without using a credit card, you will receive a $40 cash discount!

Unlike California Go-peds, Venoms come with a patented clutch
and gearbox- which applies power to the rear wheel via a chain-
not a cheesy "friction-roller."  Due to the Venom's ultra tough
patented gearbox design, its motor doesn't have to turn at
extremely high RPMs- like the other chain-driven Mosquito
brands of miniscooters. In other words, the Venom can do the
same amount of work as the other brands- with less RPMs
and wear and tear on the motor! Thus, it lasts a lot longer for
your enjoyment- and runs quieter too!

The Venom was designed to be a dual purpose mini-scooter,
thus providing one with the best of both worlds- Dirt & Pavement.
The Venom has 2 inches more ground clearance than the
Venture- which allows it to tackle off-road terrain. In addition,
it is equipped with both front and back brakes, a quiet
muffler, and a real "motorcycle style" twist throttle grip.
Moped World® has the following cool colors available:
Kawasaki Racing Green, Construction Equipment Yellow,
and Wacky Purple.

Remember, customers who order the Venom this month
will receive the following Monthly Specials:

(1) *FREE Shipping! We will ship the Venom to your
front door within about 6 business days for *FREE!

(2) FREE optional seat!

(3) FREE Assembly instructions. As usual, Moped World® will provide
you with fully detailed set-up instructions written by our company.

(4) A $40 cash discount if ordered with a check or by wire transfer!

(5) A FREE lifetime membership to our referral program. We will
send you $50 every time you refer a purchasing moped
customer to Moped World®. Please remember to tell the person
that you referred, to give us your name upon purchasing-
so that we may pay you!

Order one Today!

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