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Tomos Performance Parts
Exhaust Systems
Sale Price $150 *FREE SHIPPING!
Ask for Item# 623-70-7001

Specifically designed for all Tomos
Bullets, Sprints, and Targas

Unleash the beast lurking deep within your Tomos with this "Super High Output" STINGER performance exhaust system. Moped World's STINGER is precision-tuned and hand-crafted in Portugal, Europe- where there are no limits to speed! All Moped World STINGER pipes come heavily embellished in chrome- to give your Tomos that Racebike "Bad Attitude Look." Installation is simple: First, unbolt and discard your old rusty exhaust pipe. Then, just bolt-on your new STINGER. It's that easy! (Moped World carries a full line of STINGER exhaust systems for almost any model year Tomos. (Sorry, not available for the TSR50 or Colibri model)
*South Carolina residents add 6% Sales Tax.
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Speed Kits
Sale Price $425 *FREE SHIPPING!
Ask for Item# 659-70-7001

Specifically designed for all Tomos
Bullets, Sprints, and Targas

So, you're contemplating on buying a DOMINATOR Speed kit for your Tomos? You probably started out with a STINGER exhaust and that satisfied your craving for awhile. Now your appetite for speed has grown stronger, your knowledge of the two-stroke motor has become greater, and at last- you have the cash to fulfill your master plan. If this describes you...then this speed kit IS FOR YOU!!!

Completely leave em' in the dust with our DOMINATOR speed kit. Kit includes instructions, an oversized  STINGER racing exhaust system, a tunable racing carburetor, a "Mega-Flow" performance intake manifold, an oversized piston and cylinder kit, shaved high-compression aluminum cylinder head, and all necesarry gaskets and cables needed to get the job done.

Tomos A3 Motor Owners Please Note: Most A3(~pre1991) motors did not come from the factory equipped with a piston rod having a 12mm piston pin hole in the end of it...most were only 10mm wide in diameter- The DOMINATOR kit requires a 12mm hole, however one can bore the smaller factory rod piston pin hole out to accommodate the 12mm piston/pin/bearing supplied with this kit. A35(~after1992) motor owners will not experience this problem. *South Carolina residents add 6% Sales Tax.

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